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Whilst many of our epic adventures focus on the spectacular polar regions, there are a number of superb adventure cruise destinations in the vast oceans between.

Perhaps pride of place for the wildlife enthusiast is the spectacular Galapagos Archipelago, a collection of islands off the Ecuadorian coast that helped Darwin to demonstrate his theory of evolution. A cruise round these fascinating islands allows one to encounter such ecological anomalies as the Marine Iguana, the prehistoric-looking Galapagos Giant Tortoise and Galapagos Penguin (the world's most northerly penguin) as well as Darwin's finches and spectacular seabird colonies which include the stunning Waved Albatross.

Other memorable voyages include a cruise to the seldom visited but beautiful Kermadec Islands and the Atlantic Odyssey, a voyage that takes one from Ushuaia (via Antarctica!) to the mid-Atlantic Islands (including such seldom visited islands as Tristan da Cunha, St Helena and Ascension) on to the North Atlantic Islands (including the Azores) and finally to Western Europe! This epic adventure can be taken as one voyage or broken down into components. Other adventures in this section focus on the fascinating islands in the Northeast Atlantic, including the Scottish islands, the Faeroes and Iceland. A full list of trips offered to these other destinations is found below:

Scottish Islands, Faroes, Iceland and Lofoten (Norway)

South and Mid-Atlantic Islands

Pacific Coasts and Islands

Photograph courtesy of Oceanwide Expeditions

The sight of a breaching Humpback Whale always causes gasps of excitement from the appreciative audience on deck.

Photograph by Pete Morris/Birdquest

The awesome Killer Whale (or Orca) is reasonably commo in the waters around Iceland


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